genealogy of the Cowans and the Macaulays
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Caboolture, Queensland, Australia



City/Town : Latitude: -27.0834686, Longitude: 152.9516891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COMPORT, Frederick Pryor  12 Oct 1874Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190587396
2 DELLIT, Arthur  18 Dec 1898Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I2394


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Lucy Harriett  26 Sep 1985Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190582805
2 FYFE, Joseph  14 Sep 1893Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1557
3 HOLT, Joseph  10 Oct 1988Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190582802
4 MARKWELL, Royden Percival Beecham  23 Nov 1977Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190583765
5 STOLLZNOW, Alwin Wilhelm  1 Mar 1998Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190585622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Lucy Harriett  30 Sep 1985Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190582805
2 FYFE, Charlotte May  13 Dec 1965Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1576
3 FYFE, John  14 Nov 1930Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1574
4 FYFE, Joseph  16 Sep 1893Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1557
5 HOLT, Joseph  12 Oct 1988Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190582802
6 HUTCHISON, Harold Alfred Marshall  14 Jan 1952Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1579
7 MARKWELL, Royden Percival Beecham  25 Nov 1977Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190583765
8 MORGAN, Bridget  13 Apr 1922Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1558
9 SAUNDERS, James Joseph  20 May 1931Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1378
10 ZANDER, Raymond Stanley  17 Aug 2007Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190586629


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FYFE, Charlotte May  1919Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1576
2 FYFE, Josephine Olive  1919Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1578
3 JAKES, William  1908Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190584836
4 LIDDLE, Alison  1908Caboolture, Queensland, Australia P1190585859
5 MORGAN, Bridget  1919Caboolture, Queensland, Australia I1558